Submit Your Promising Practices

CCCIE keeps a repository of community college promising practices in immigrant education. It is our hope to provide meaningful information to community colleges across the country serving the needs of immigrant populations. As a first step toward developing a brief narrative describing your program, please respond to the questions below:

    General Information

    Name of Community College:

    Title of Program:

    Type of Program:
    i.e. Holistic support services, ESL programs, Workforce training/Career pathways, Community/Employer partnerships, Citizenship/Civics preparation and engagement, Inclusive practices for undocumented students

    Primary Division(s) or Department(s) involved:

    Key Partners:
    If applicable, please note other outside agencies or organizations involved in the program

    About the Program

    1. Need for Program
    Briefly outline the significant need or problem that the initiative addresses and how long the program has been in place.

    2.Program Description
    Explain the purpose of your program, including whether it is primarily an academic or career development program, credit or non-credit, or is focused on student services. Briefly indicate if and how you are adjusting the program or practices amid the COVID-19 pandemic. (COVID-related issues can be further explained under "Challenges.")

    3. Specific Population Served

    4. Goals and Objectives
    Describe the broad program goals, and then identify major objectives that define how these goals are measured and accomplished.

    5. Outcomes
    What has the program improved / corrected / increased / decreased by addressing specific needs, e.g. retention, student performance, student services, workforce training, language acquisition, etc? Please include any data regarding outcomes, e.g. completion rates, employment, economic impact, etc.

    6. Collaboration
    If applicable, please note the role of each key partner organization—both internal across the college campus and external—involved in the program

    7. Success Factors /Lessons Learned
    What factors have been most critical to the success of your program? What have been the key lessons learned?

    8. Challenges Faced and Overcome
    What factors have created challenges? Have you been able to overcome these challenges? Please note any current challenges as well, including COVID-related issues if applicable.

    9. Funding and Sustainability
    How is the program funded? If the program has been funded through a grant, how will the program be sustained?

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