Inclusive Practices for Undocumented Students/DACA Students

Northern Virginia Community College
Annandale, VA

Pathway to the Baccalaureate

This program focuses on strengthening English writing skills. While many of the students excel at speaking and listening English, they lack the grammar and sentence structure needed for college-level writing. If they pass this introductory English writing class, they avoid wasting time and tuition on a remedial English class that will not count toward a college degree.  Read more

Palm Beach State College
Lake Worth, FL

Dr. Kathryn W. Davis Global Education Center

This program seeks to boost immigrant students’ access to higher education as well as addressing the many social, political and economic needs specific to immigrant students of all statuses. By providing financial aid, peer mentorships, English language services and integration programs, the GEC aims to offset the many challenges faced by immigrant students and to uplift their community as a whole. Also, by partnering with local community organizations, they seek to dispel common myths about undocumented and immigrant students while supporting the passage of the DREAM Act.  Read more

Rio Hondo Community College
Whittier, CA

Rio Hondo’s Achieving the Dream Initiative

Rio Hondo’s Achieving the Dream initiative (no relationship to the national Achieving the Dream consortium) supports undocumented students through education, motivation, building coalitions, conducting outreach, and expanding scholarship opportunities. A highly successful Achieving the Dream conference, co-organized by the student group Students Without Borders and Rio Hondo’s Student Services staff, brought about 150 high school students on campus to learn about launching an educational plan and the various resources available. SWB works with several national and community organizations and actively promotes scholarship and financial support opportunities. Read more