Citizenship/Civics Preparation & Engagement

City College of San Franciso
San Francisco, CA

Project SHINE

This program, a partnership between City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State University, is a service-learning initiative that incorporates citizenship/civics preparation and acquisition of ESL and literacy skills. As assistants to teachers and on a one-to-one basis outside of the classroom, student volunteer coaches help immigrants learn English, prepare for the INS citizenship test, and integrate into society. The service learning option is fully integrated into the volunteer coaches’ course work and classroom experiences. To date, nearly 44,000 immigrants have received help in classes with SHINE coaches. Read more.


Miami Dade College
Miami, FL

Adult Education/EL Civics Program

These programs combine academics (ESOL, citizenship, and GED preparation classes) with student services (financial literacy, health literacy, children’s tutoring, and family-oriented cultural activities.) The communities served are home to the poorest immigrant populations in Miami-Dade County and include Hispanic, Haitian, and European (mainly Russian) immigrants and their families. Quality and dedication of instructors and staff and community partnerships are critical to success, as evidenced by outstanding retention, test scores, and participation in post-secondary or GED Preparation programs. Read more.