Jibril Yahaya Luwaa

Westchester Community College
Country of origin: Ghana

Growing up in Ghana, I dreamed of becoming a pharmacist, although the odds were against me. I have always wanted to have a positive impact in the well being of my community through my chosen profession. Also, I knew that obtaining a high level of education would equip me with the necessary skills to meet the future challenges of the 21st century.

Now I can say that I am both proud and grateful to be recognized as a both a student who shows a commitment to his studies and exhibits leadership skills. This has reinforced my commitment to the community and my motivation to achieve higher academic goals in the future.

As I prepare for my third semester in the Respiratory Care Program, I plan to continue my studies after graduation from Westchester Community College. Each day I spend at the college is a constant reminder of how desire and hard work can lead to success. The college’s superior facilities and the willingness of the professors to help students succeed have combined to make my time here a wonderful experience.