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  • KeylaTorres_WrightAida Rodriguez

    Palm Beach State College
    Country of origin: Mexico

    Aida Rodriguez, a native of Mexico, received her Associate in Arts degree from Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth, FL, with honors…

  • KeylaTorres_WrightKeyla Torres

    Wright College
    Country of origin: Honduras

    Keyla Torres, an immigrant from Honduras, started anew at Wright College in 2004. Today, she is Eli’s Cheesecake Company’s Business Specialist. Like many other immigrants, Torres went…
  • KeylaTorres_WrightVitor Granja

    Westchester Community College
    Country of origin: Brazil

    When Vitor Granja first moved to this country in 2008 from Brazil, he had no knowledge of English. He attended ESL classes while…

  • Jibril Yahaya LuwaaJibril Yahaya Luwaa

    Westchester Community College
    Country of origin: Ghana

    Growing up in Ghana, I dreamed of becoming a pharmacist, although the odds were against me. I have always wanted to have…

  • Satwinderjit KaurSatwinderjit Kaur

    Johnson County Community College
    Country of Origin: India

    "Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your…

  • Cecilia G. CorralCecilia G. Corral

    South Texas College
    Country of origin: Mexico

    At first glance, 18 year old Cecilia G. Corral seems a typical sweet, smart and well-mannered young lady graduating high school. She…

  • Fernando VillavicencioFernando Villavicencio

    Miami Dade College
    Country of Origin: Ecuador

    Fernando Villavicencio migrated three years ago from his native Guayaquil, Ecuador. With dreams to become a Mechanical Engineer, he came to the United States…

  • Anne Sarie Yva CossogueAnne Sarie Yva Cossogue

    Miami Dade College
    Country of Origin: Haiti

    Anne Sarie Yva Cossogue migrated from Haiti two years ago in order to pursue a degree in Biology in hopes…

  • Nadine KhairNadine Khair

    Westchester Community College
    Country of origin: Jordan

    Life is a ladder of success and the more effort you put into reaching the highest steps, the more you will get from…

  • David MongesDavid Monges

    Westchester Community College
    Country of Origin: Paraguay

    The openness of the faculty and the multiplicity of perspectives of the students are what makes Westchester Community College an outstanding institution.


Community College Consortium for Immigrant Education

CCCIE is comprised of a national Blue Ribbon Panel of community colleges and experts in the field of immigrant education committed to meeting the educational needs of immigrant students. Read more about CCCIE’s key initiatives in immigrant higher education, its mission and objectives, and how you can become a member.


Survey on Increasing Opportunities for New Americans at Community Colleges

The Community College Consortium for Immigrant Education is looking to identify tangible opportunities to help community colleges improve immigrant students' success, college completion, and career readiness. Please respond to this first-of-its-kind Survey on Increasing Opportunities for New Americans at Community Colleges. Here is the survey link: Click here for a PDF version of the survey for ease of review prior to online survey completion. Questions? Contact:


Save the Date-NCWE Conference--Oct. 14-16, Portland, OR

National Council for Workforce Education Annual 2015 Conference, Workforce Education For All!

CCCIE is a proud partner in presenting this year’s NCWE conference, which will explore opportunities for leveraging the talents of a diverse workforce and will feature an entire conference strand on Increasing the College and Career Success of Immigrant Students. Click here for more information.


Bridging the Gap for Foreign-Educated Immigrants: New Guide

CCCIE and WES Global Talent Bridge are pleased to announce the publication of "Bridging the Gap for Foreign-Educated Immigrants." The Guide highlights effective program models and promising practices from community colleges across the country and illustrates how community colleges and community-based organizations can collaborate to increase opportunities for skilled immigrants. You'll find practical ideas, recommendations, and resources that are useful for front-line advisors and administrators interested in helping skilled immigrants forge a viable career pathway in the U.S. Click here to download your free copy of the Guide. 


CCCIE Recommendations Submitted to White House Task Force on New Americans

Read CCCIE’s recommendations and promising practices for improving the educational and career prospects of immigrant students, and click here to learn what some of our Blue Ribbon Panel members and other key stakeholders recommend. The newly created Task Force is charged with developing a federal immigrant integration strategy and will submit a national plan to President Obama by the end of March.





CCCIE & Social Networking

Keep current with CCCIE and important immigrant education issues






Levin-Goffe Scholarship 

The deadline for applications for the Levin-Goffe Scholarship for LGBTQI immigrants has been extended for one week. Applications will be accepted through noon on Thursday, August 27th.


Migration Policy Institute

"Lessons from the Local Level: DACA’s Implementation and Impact on Education and Training Success"
Click here